Alloy Wheel Cleaner


ALLLOY CLEAN is a very powerful and highly acidic cleaning solution suitable for the removal of scale, oxide and ingrained stains from any aluminium surface. ALLOY CLEAN is designed to clean and brighten aluminium with the minimum effort with maximum effect, ALLOY CLEAN restores oxidised aluminium to an as new appearance. Uses include the cleaning of aluminium window frames in the home, office and greenhouse, aluminium vehicle parts, cooking utensils and numerous other applications. ALLOY CLEAN is ideal for the cleaning and restoration of aluminium fixtures and fittings such as window frames and doors. ALLOY CLEAN may also be used to etch steelwork prior to painting

ALLOY CLEAN can be spray or brush applied at the following dilution rates DO NOT USE UNDILUTED 5:1 with water for normal use 3:1 for heavy deposits 10:1 for lighter deposits Apply by spray or stiff brush and wash off well with water. (Goggles and gloves at the very least must be worn ). Personal protective equipment available to order.

N.B. Take care to test delicate surfaces on a small inconspicuous area prior to use. Will etch glass. Do not use on anodised aluminium or stainless steel surfaces.

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