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Tyre Dressing

Tyre Dressing
Uniconomy Long Life Tyre Dressing is formulated with a concentrated blend of solvents and silicone's to deep clean tyres & rubber, leaving a long lasting. professional finish. Uniconomy long life Tyre dressing is easy to use & adds that final touch to the perfectly valeted vehicle.
Remove any heavy grime or soils. ensure surface is dry. Adjust spray nozzle to give a line spray pattern. spray an even light coating onto the surface from a distance of about 30 centimetres. Then simply allow to dry to a perfect finish. If tyres are heavily soiled it may be necessary to clean the tyres with a cloth after treatment. Then re-treat as above. avoid spraying onto Tyre iread. it is advisable to remove the spray head & operate until empty to avoid possible damage during storage.


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