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Refuse Sacks Heavy Duty

Black Bin Bags

We offer a wide range of binbags in various thickness's and dimensions to suit all applications. Ourblack bin bags are made from recycled polythene blended with LLDPE for extrastrength and classified as either: Standard, Medium, Heavy or Extra HeavyDuty. Where 3 measurements are given eg. 18x29x39,18 is the Folded Width 29 is the Open Width (equates to a circumference of 58") with the gusset 39 the Length Sizes shown are approximate +/- 5%.
Standard Duty Black Refuse Sack
Our best sellingblack bin liner, due to its thickness, strength and value for money. Thesebin bags also available on a roll - see related products. Ideal for 90% ofgeneral office waste collection.  

Medium Duty Black Refuse Sack                         
Our widest standard sack, extra widthand larger gusset for bulky waste, 48 x 88 x 94 cm approx. A strong, high volume sack,48 x 88 x 94cm  with wider gusset. Same high quality PE as our bestselling PREM standard size refuse sack.Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks



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