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PRO-SCALEGONE is brought onto the range as a more effective and more powerful version of PRO PHOS.  (Approx 3 times stronger).      

PRO-SCALEGONE +    for industrial use is double the strength of PRO-SCALGONE.


PRO-SCALEGONE contains a blend of acids and low foamingcleaning agents which start working instantly to remove lime scale deposits.


PRO-SCALEGONE acts instantly - you can see the bubblesbeing released as soon as Pro- Scalegone contacts the scale.


PRO-SCALEGONE is safe to use on stainless steel - unlike many other lime scale removers.


PRO-SCALEGONE is completely biodegradable.


PRO-SCALEGONE can be used on all stainless steel hotel equipment with peace of mind.  Ideal for the renovation of dishwashers, water heaters, boilers etc.



Dilute with up to 10 parts warm water and soak equipmentto be cleaned in it for 15-30 minutes. For heavy scale removal or ifeffervescing ceases add a little more


Use  PRO-SCALEGONE to restart the cleaning action.

PRO-SCALEGONE + as above but the dilution rates should bedouble those of  Pro-Scalegone


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