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Paint & Gasket Stripper. PROSTRIP




PRO STRIP is a very effective paint stripper, contained in an aerosol, giving speedy, efficient, economical and instant action.

PRO STRIP can be used on wood, concrete, steel, aluminium and other metal surfaces.

PRO STRIP is non-corrosive and does not contain any acids or alkalis.

PRO STRIP is non-flammable, has no flash point and will not support combustion. .

PRO STRIP works fast, removing paint, varnish, enamel,shellac or lacquer from most surfaces.

PRO STRIP can also be used for:

Removing carbon from engine parts, etc

Removing cemented-on gaskets

Removing oil spots from concrete surfaces

Removing graffiti from masonry surfaces

PRO STRIP is labour saving - fast acting - economical, and is easily neutralised with water.

Apply PRO STRIP then simply scrape off or hose off.




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