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Multi Purpose Lubricant. PROVERSAL



PROVERSAL is a special blend of high grade lubricants, packed into aerosol dispensers for convenient, safe, fast acting and economical application.

CONVENIENT ready to use, needing no pre-heating or mixing

SAFE hands are kept clean. No danger from greasy floors (thus contributing to the Health and Safetyat Work Act)

FAST ACTING can be used whilst plant or machinery is in motion, but in such cases, safety guards must NOT be removed.

ECONOMICAL pin point accuracy can be achieved and completecoverage obtained with one application. No spillage, no deterioration and no loss by evaporation.

PROVERSAL can be used anywhere at present being served bythe conventional oil can, and in addition, the aerosol has the added advantageof being usable in both horizontal and vertical directions.  For the difficult place or where accuracy isrequired, use the applicator tube supplied with the aerosol. 

Ideal for oiling holes, locks and sewing machines etc.,where such accuracy is essential

PROVERSAL is safe on all painted surfaces


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