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Mould Protection PROMOULD




PRO MOULD has been developed to provide specialist protection to moulds against corrosion attack during storage and in conditions of high humidity.
PRO MOULD displaces and repels any surface moisture present,and may be used on wet surfaces or in saturated atmospheres.
PRO MOULD produces an ultra-thin film which remains soft but still allows subsequent handling.  Thefilm will not interfere with the assembly of precision or interference fit parts, or with the gauging and measurement during inspection.
PRO MOULD incorporates a blue dye to identify treated surfaces thus ensuring complete coverage.
PRO MOULD need not be cleaned off before moulding recommences or before assembly of precision parts as the film is displaced from the mould etc, during the first operating cycle.  If, however, removal is desired, the film maybe removed by a chlorinated or petroleum based solvent, such as Unicorn’s BLAST-OFF or    C-SOLVE.

PRO MOULD can also be used on all forms of metal equipmentand machinery subject to corrosion attack during non-use periods, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, gardening and hand tools,caravans and trailers, etc. 


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