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MASK is a fully biodegradable blend of essential oils and perfumes, emulsified for use at high dilution rates where unpleasant odours present a problem.


Typical areas for application include the following:-

·         Sewage Treatment Works

·         Animal By-Product Establishments

·         Foul Drainage Systems

·         External Industrial Waste Sites

·         Refuse Carts and Wagons

·         Drains, Sewers and Manholes

·         Open Ditches and Canals

·         Rubbish and Refuse Tips

·         Septic Tanks

·         Activated Sludge Disposal and Filtering Points 


MASK will present no problems when discharged aroundsewage treatment works, including the activated sludge systems.

MASK is non-toxic and non-flammable.


Manual Systems: Spray, using manual sprayers, diluted with up to 50 parts of water.  Aerial Fogging:Dilute 1 part of MASK with 100 parts of water and disperse via conventional fogging equipment. 


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