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Product Surveys
An assessment of current products and practices used on your site with suggestions of cost effective alternatives. 
Site Surveys
Advise on legal requirements and appropriate spill control measures.
Spill & Product Training
On site training which fulfills the requirements of ISO 14001 and EA guidlines

When looking at your absorbent requirements, its not as simple as you might think. Our product range includes almost 1000 products to control and clean up leaks and spills.

There are different types of Pads, Rolls, Cushions and Socks and the price will vary depending on how much the pad, roll, cushion or sock actually absorbs. Refer to our main categories on Spill Control namely Spill Absorbents, Spill Containment, Spill Kits, and Spill Pods.


Be sure that you meet with all the Environmental Regulations


Give us a call on 01253854050, we will make sure you get the right absorbent for the job


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