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FLOOR SEAL - Seals and protects against stains, prevents dusting.


COMPLETE PROTECTION - Penetrates and seals concrete,terrazzo and wood - protects against wear, staining and grease build-up.


FLOOR SEAL Seals and hardens old and new concrete and terrazzo - deposits a durable film within the concrete that prevents efflorescence or blooming.


FLOOR SEAL - Slip resistant, quick drying, clear finish -does not yellow- controls moisture in existing floors - makes treated surfaces acid, alkali, oil, grease, soap and water resistant.


EASY TO APPLY - Simply mop on with a lambs wool applicator or brush- skilled labour is not necessary - dries to a non-slip satin finish -may be applied to new concrete without prior etching.


ECONOMICAL Reduces floor maintenance - easy to apply -outlasts most other sealants - eliminates water absorption - excellent coverage- approximately 85 sq. ft. (8sq. metres) per litre.



N.B. To assure deep penetration and adhesion, old surfaces should be etched with UNICONOMY‚ÄôS DESCALE before applying 


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