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DESCALE is a blend of acids and inhibitors designed to breakdown rust and lime scale.

DESCALE is a solution of Hydrochloric acid and surfactants which will search out any scale or rust present in an aqueous system,dissolving them so the may be flushed away safely.

DESCALE is ideal for use in boilers, radiators, waste pipes, kettles, tea urns and anywhere lime scale causes a problem and restricts efficiency.

DESACALE removes rust and corrosion.

DESCALE can be diluted with up to 10 parts water.

DESCALE must not be used on Stainless Steel or other shiny metals.


FOR a stronger solution specify DESCALE PLUS. 

DESCALE PLUS is an extremely strong product and GREAT CARE must be practised when in use.

DESCALE PLUS is a new concept in brick cleaning chemicals.

DESCALE PLUS goes to work to remove thin layers of concrete scale and other deposits from walls and floors.

DESCALE PLUS is fast acting.

DESCALE PLUS cleans bricks, quarry tile and patio bricks,tile, concrete floors and other masonry surfaces

DESCALE PLUS is highly effective in removing plaster from unwanted areas.

DESCALE PLUS brightens discoloured and weathered brick to its natural colour.

DESCALE PLUS is economical and can be diluted with up to 20 parts of water.


DESCALE PLUS cleans and removes thin layers of concrete from trucks, mixers, dip tanks, cleaning and removing rust from sterilizer tanks in hospitals, cleans rust and sludge build-up in compressed air generators. 


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