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PRO GLAZE  - our concentrated tile & porcelain cleaner has been awarded the certificate of: 
The Institute of Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors. 
PRO GLAZE  is a special blend of highly effective chemicals which cleans, disinfects and deodorises in one action, effecting a considerable saving in materials, labour and time. 
PRO GLAZE  removes unhealthy and unsightly, offensive stains, scale, algae deposits and organic material from toilet bowels and urinal facings, eliminating a health hazard normally associated with these features.  It also removes the brown stains from vitreous baths and shower stalls. 
When applied to ceramic tiles and quarry tiles in toilet areas, PRO GLAZE  destroys the odour producing bacteria which breed in the grouting of these tiles. 
PRO GLAZE  is fast acting, having an immediate effect on treated areas,  It restores cleanliness to toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, etc. 
PRO GLAZE  is ideal for deep cleaning of quarry tiled flooring. 
PRO GLAZE  is highly concentrated and therefore economical. 

For heavily soiled surfaces, the water flow should be stopped and PRO GLAZE  applied evenly over the area to be treated, paying particular attention to the area under the rim of toilet bowls.  Leave for a few minutes.  Slight agitation with a hand mop will assist in the removal of the most stubborn soiling.  Turn water on and flush.  For normal maintenance and the prevention of further algae build-up, PRO GLAZE  can be applied without turning off the water flow. 
PRO GLAZE  must NOT be used with bleaches and other chemicals.  Clean, germ-free toilets are essential in every establishment.  Specify PRO GLAZE  for this very important part of your works programme. 


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