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Carpet Extract / Pre Spot & Carpet Cleaner with Pestercide
Low Foam Carpet Shampoo.

CARPET EXTRACT is a low foaming, anti-static,bactericidal carpet shampoo with a special airfreshening fragrance.
CARPET EXTRACT has deep cleaning power, loosens and suspends grit and dirt whilst it'spenetrating foaming action works thoroughly butgently to remove most stubborn stains. Thelow foaming action keeps carpet backing dry - allowing the shampooed area to beoccupied within hours. Suitablefor all types of carpets and fabrics, natural and synthetic for cleaning byspray as a PRE SPOT or EXTRACTION machines.
Contains a special air-fresheningfragrance which neutralises any unpleasant odours activated in the carpet orfabric. Theanti-static compound will drain off any static electricity that may have builtup in the carpet.Veryeconomical and effective in dilution. Cleans without leaving residues.
Forspray or extraction machines. Depending on degree of soiling, dilute with hotor cold water from 1:10 up to 1:100. Canalso be used as a general cleaner where low-foaming is a requirement.
ALSO AVAILABLE with added PESTERCIDE to help control flees etc.  Completelybiodegradable.When ordering please specify Extract, or Extract with Pestercide.


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