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PRO NIQUE  is a balanced blend of surface active agents, QAC disinfectants, citric acid and a special fragrance, forming a concentrated, perfumed, free rinsing, bactericidal cleaner that cleans, sanitizes and de-odorises, all in one operation, saving time, money and labour. 
PRO NIQUE is equally effective in hot or cold, hard or soft water. It is safe to use and contains no corrosive or harsh alkaline ingredients. 
PRO NIQUE removes stains, grime and greases from showers, baths and basins with minimum effort whilst at the same time, attacks bacteria and other micro-organisms, reducing the risk of cross infection and leaving surfaces antiseptically clean and pleasantly perfumed. It also contains citric acid to help remove lime scale and scum. 
PRO NIQUE removes odours that cling to surfaces, eliminating the odours at their source by acting against odour-forming bacteria. Following the use of PRO NIQUE, it will go on working for many hours killing germs and de-odorising. 
PRO NIQUE can be used neat through hand sprayers. Spray a little on to the surface and wipe over with a damp cloth. Use a brush or pad for stubborn stains. Dilute with up to 40 parts of water for scrubbing and mopping floors and other surfaces... 
PRO NIQUE is recommended for; all bathroom, wash room and toilet surfaces, e.g.: Porcelain, tiles, plastics, paintwork, chrome, stainless steel, walls and floors, etc. PRO NIQUE is non-flammable and completely biodegradable.


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