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Waterless Hand Cleanser. RIO



RIO is now a completely new formulated product whereby the solvents and alcohols contained in the old formulation are replaced by naturaloils derived from the skins of citrus fruits (lemons, limes, oranges).  It is supplied in aerosol form, providing avery effective hand cleaner, especially where there is no water available for rinsing purposes.


·       Removes asphalt, duplicating ink, carbon, fuel oils, paints, grease, tar, printer’s ink and lipstick.

·       Does not require pre-wetting.

·       Rapid, effective cleansing action.

·       Cuts ground-in grease and grime without irritations.

·       Harmless and pleasant to use.

·       Contains no harmful abrasives or solvents.

·       Does not contain Alcohol.

·       Economical in use.

·       Anti-dermatitic and kind to the skin

·       Non-sticky with a pleasant, natural citrus perfume.


RIO is highly recommended for use in manufacturing industries, engineering shops, transport companies, oil industries, garages, on- site operations, printing industry, newspaper industry and offices, etc.  


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