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PTFE Silicone Grease. SUPERLUBE



SUPERLUBE is the end result of an intensive research programme and represents a truly remarkable advance in the field of lubrication.

SUPERLUBE combines the superb qualities of silicone grease with those of

P.T.F.E. providing a brand new, superior, heavy duty lubricant

Under heavy duty conditions, ordinary greases may be squeezed out, but with

SUPERLUBE, the surface will remain lubricated with the P.T.F.E. film, thus reducing wear and friction whilst, at the same time,prolonging the life of machinery and equipment. 

SUPERLUBE is non-conductive and completely inert. 

SUPERLUBE resists salt water and corrosive atmosphere elements. 

SUPERLUBE contains solvent resistant P.T.F.E. 

SUPERLUBE is effective from sub-zero temperatures to250ÂșC. 

SUPERLUBE has excellent load bearing properties. 

SUPERLUBE has superior weathering and ageing characteristics. 

SUPERLUBE is water white in colour, is non-absorbent and has a low coefficient of friction. 

SUPERLUBE possesses excellent anti-friction and anti-static properties.

SUPERLUBE is effective on vertical surfaces and will not sling off moving parts.

SUPERLUBE is economical. Only a small amount is required for maximum effect. For pin-point accuracy or hard-to-reach areas, use the applicator tube supplied with each aerosol.

The active ingredient remaining in SUPERLUBE after evaporation of the propellant and carrier, is a food grade material and meets FDA 1 standards and is safe for incidental food contact.

 SUPERLUBE is safe to use on all metal, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces, and can be used as a lubricant, release agent, preservative and for waterproofing. 

Ideal for treatment of H.T. cables, preventing flash-over and corrosion, battery terminal boxes, ignition systems, electrical connections, grease packing in switch boxes etc.

Recommended for use in manufacturing, marine, moulding,transport automotive and electrical industries.



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