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Open Gear Lubricant GEAR LUBE


GEAR LUBE lubricates and protects open gears and sliding surfaces in all manufacturing, crane and plant departments, mines and quarries,shipyards, construction, transport and other industries
GEAR LUBE displaces water and moisture and protects against rust and corrosion.
Unlike other similar products GEAR LUBE does not cause a build up between gear teeth.
GEAR LUBE lubricates all sliding surfaces and moving parts and prevents metal to metal contact.
GEAR LUBE is used whilst machinery is in motion which means downtime is kept to a minimum.
GEAR LUBE is ready to use – it needs no preparation,heating or premixing.
GEAR LUBE reaches the most inaccessible places. Simply spray a smooth coating onto gears and sliding surfaces whilst the machinery is in motion.
GEAR LUBE does not drip or throw off and there is no mess,no spillage and therefore no wastage.


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