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Heavy Duty Adhesive. PROPOWER



PRO POWER is a pale straw-coloured, thixotropic, high tacking, long bonding, heavy duty adhesive. The aerosol incorporates a unique variable spray pattern facility. 
PRO POWER gives exceptionally strong adhesion for a wide range of demanding uses. 
PRO POWER is particularly useful in the furniture, flooring and automotive industries, especially for bonding foam to a wide range of surfaces. It is ideal for use in most applications where an exceptionally high strength bond is required. 
PRO POWER has excellent, high heat resistance (60°) and moisture resistance and possess rapid solvent evaporation. 
PRO POWER is NOT suitable for use on polystyrene or plasticised P.V.C. 
Surfaces must be dry, clean and free from oil and grease. For permanent bonding on non-porous surfaces, apply to both surfaces allowing at least one minute before bonding. On porous surfaces, apply to one surface only and bond whilst still tacky. For temporary bonding, apply a light coating to one surface only and allow to dry for five minutes before bonding. 


Recommended areas of use include:- 

Upholstery, furniture (foam to wood, foam to metal, etc.) flooring (carpets and tiles), automotive, caravan and marine (door seals, draught excluders, roof linings, etc.) insulation, packaging and labelling,  modelling.



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