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Graffiti Remover PROGRAFF



PROGRAFF  is a completely new formulation, following extensive research into the problems caused by graffiti.  It is a special blend of alcohol solvents and cellulose thickeners, formulated for the controlled removal of vandalism and abuse from non-porous surfaces.
PROGRAFF  has very little odour and is completely water soluble. It is thickened so as to adhere to vertical surfaces and is extremely slow drying. Effortless application saves labour and man hours.
PROGRAFF  remove sinks, lipsticks, crayon, grease, ball-point inks, felt tip, cellulose and non cellulose paints, and is effective on most non-porous surfaces, e.g. Formica,tile, glass, fibreglass, brickwork, terrazzo, vitreous enamel, etc.
PROGRAFF  is economical - can be wiped away with a damp cloth within minutes, removing ground-in dirt and stains at the same time. Versatile and convenient - the aerosol containers can be carries at all times, enabling offensive marks and abuse to be removed as they appear.
PROGRAFF is highly recommended for use in schools,universities, technical colleges, bus depots, railway stations, service stations, local authorities, telephone kiosks, leisure centres, public baths,toilet areas etc.
Do not use on surfaces painted with a flat or semi-gloss paint.
In addition to removing graffiti, PROGRAFF can also be used as a degreaser for metal components.  


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