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Fast Evaporating Solvent PROSOLVE




PRO SOLVE is a cold cleaning solvent of low toxicity, specially blended for the safe cleaning of electrical and mechanical units.Engineers welcome PRO SOLVE as a solution to eliminating the ozone depleting dangers of 1, 1, 1,-Trichloroethane, a solvent that is banned by many industrial companies in line with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol.
PRO SOLVE is a powerful solvent that readily dissolves organic matter such as oils, grease, wax, tar, flux, etc., whilst at the same time does not attack the underlying materials such as polyethylene, steel,aluminium, zinc sulphate, epoxy and polyurethane coatings, etc.
PRO SOLVE can be used with confidence for the speedy and effective removal of dirt, grease, brake fluid, brake and clutch lining dust from vehicle clutches, brake drums, shoes, discs and callipers.
Clean motors reduce fire hazards. Preventive maintenance with PRO SOLVE helps eliminate some of the defects that cause electrical fires.
Suggested areas of use for PRO SOLVE include: -
Vehicle workshops, electric motors, air conditioners,printing presses, generators, condensers, coils, precision tools and engineering work, bottling plant machinery, escalator and elevator motors,sewage and water plant machinery.



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