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Dashboard Refurbisher DASH IT


DASH IT is a perfumed, silicone spray, in aerosol form,which is safe to use on plastics, vinyl, wood, chrome and painted surfaces.  

DASH IT is available on stock  in a neutralizing fragrance and a Tangerine fragrance. Other fragrances may be available on request subject to a minimum quantity.

DASH IT contains only OZONE-SAFE constituents.

DASH IT is colourless and non-staining.

DASH IT is strongly recommended for automotive industry for re-furbishing dash-boards, grills, fascias, and vinyl furnishings etc.

DASH IT is also a very effective, non-staining lubricant for locks and hinges.

DASH IT prevents sticking.
DASH IT is available in Citrus and Neutral fragrances. Other fragrances can be made by request.


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