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Concentrated Silicone Spray. PROSIL



PROSIL  is a concentrated silicone spray which is colourless, stainless and
odourless, incorporating the following benefits:
 Prevents sticking -puts slip where you want it
 Has a wide temperature range - from below freezing to 250C
 Superb lubricating properties
 Good di-electric properties - ideal for electrical & electronic equipment
 Water repellent -retarding corrosion
PRO SIL is ideal for lubrication and protection of machinery in the packaging
and labeling, printing, plastic moulding, vending, textile and footwear industries, navigation, radio and radar apparatus, office machinery, instrumentation and telemetry systems, etc.
PRO SIL is used to prevent adhesion of various contaminants such as a mould release agent.
PRO SIL restores vinyl gloss finish following normal cleaning and has no adverse effect on rubber or urethane-foam backed materials.
 The active ingredient remaining after evaporation of the propellant and carrier, is a food grade material and meets FDA 1 standards and is safe for incidental food contact.
In electrical maintenance PROSIL lubricates and protects electronic contact points
and other electrical equipment.


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