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Cold Galvonising Compound PROGALV



PRO GALV is a highly concentrated, zinc metal formulation, providing a smooth flowing, cold galvanising compound. This gives a zinc rich,long life, protective coating which is easily applied and protects the metal surfaces from corrosion.

PRO GALV prevents further rusting when applied to lightly rusted surfaces, but for the most effective results, it should be applied directly to clean, bare metal, from which dirt, loose rust and mill scale have been removed and any grease or oil cleaned

away with Uniconomy’s PRO-SOLVEor other suitable solvents.

PRO GALV protects welds on both bare metal or previously galvanised surfaces and can be used for touching up marred, hot galvanised surfaces. It is touch dry in 15-30 minutes and will withstand temperatures up to 120oC.

PRO GALV dries to a flexible, non-cracking coating that permits bending without chipping. Galvanising forms a coating which protects iron and steel against the rusting effects of water. This action also forms zinc oxide which is itself insoluble in water, thus forming a secondary protective coating.

PRO GALV requires no additional paint or sealer, and surfaces treated with PRO GALV can be painted, if required.

PRO GALV is highly recommended for use in the following industries: agriculture, bakeries, bottling plants, chemical processing,construction, dairies, electrical food processing, marine, metal working,mining, local authorities, refrigeration, swimming pools, tanneries, etc.

Applications for PRO GALV include: Metal roofs, buildings,pipe work, scaffold couplings, steel window frames and doors, tools, welds, gutters, fences, trucks and trailers, water tanks, farm machinery, ducting,cars, caravans, buses, boilers and air conditioning systems, etc. 


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