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Antistatic Aerosol Cleaner PROKLENZE



PROKLENZE  is  a completely new formulated, multi-purpose,odourless foam cleaner, with bactericidal properties, suitable for cleaning both hard and soft type surfaces.
PROKLENZE  is particularly recommended for tackling the cleaning and odour problems associated with various water based stains such as sickness, urine, animal soiling, blood, milk, tomato ketchup, salad creams, etc.
PROKLENZE  is safe to use on most surfaces and fabrics.  If applying to delicate fabrics, however, it is advisable to test a sample first.
PROKLENZE will not affect rubber compounds and can be used safely on foam backed carpets and fabrics.
PROKLENZE contains no harsh acids or harmful solvents.  It is non-toxic and fully bio-degradable.
Packed in handy aerosol dispensers, PROKLENZE is convenient, efficient, labour saving and economical.
Recommended areas for use include the following:-
Nursing homes, rest homes, nurseries, care establishments,hotels, restaurants, leisure centers, motorway services, holiday camps, local authorities, educational establishments, hospitals etc. 



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