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Non Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser SAFE & KIND



SAFE & KIND – Sanitising never felt so good!


Avialable in 500ml and 50ml bottles with foamer pumps (Recommended) or 60ml flip top bottles.

SAFE & KIND is an alcohol-free self  evaporating hand sanitising   rub  that  is  gentle  to the  skin  and  meets with European Standards EN1276 EN1500 & EN1650. 

The SAFE & KIND  kills  99.99%  of  disease causing germs  and  fungi  in  just 15 seconds, including  SARS, 
MRSA and   Clostridium-Difficile  (C.diff),   free-living bacteria  such  as TB, E-coli, and Salmonella, as well as antibiotic-resistant VRE, RSA and viruses, including HIV and  Hepatitis A & B -  alcohol based  products can’t do  that unless they are higher  than  70%  concentration.


SAFE & KIND is available in a 60 ml flip top & 500 ml dispensing bottles, it is also available with a foam pump, in 50ml & 500ml, a massive saving over gel based products.).


Cost  Effective


SAFE & KIND 1000ml dispenser provides around 1250 shots per litre. Because SAFE & KIND is in liquid or foam form rather than gel, people will typically pump the dispenser just once or occasionally twice per wash (700–900 washes /litre). 

Now compare this cost with an ordinary liquid soap (1000 shots per litre); you might be surprised to know that most people will pump this type of dispenser 2 or 3 times because it doesn’t seem to leave much in your hand (300-400 washes/litre). Now add the cost of sinks, hot running water, hot air dryers / hand towels and SAFE & KIND is far more cost effective than you might think! There’s no need for metered water, sinks, hand dryers, paper towels or anything else; plus SAFE & KIND kills all of the germs and infectious bugs mentioned above.

1 Litre Dispenser   MRB 700 
• Kills 99.99% of germs including superbugs
& H1N1 Swine Flu in just 15 seconds
• Clinically proven to be more effective than alcohol based equivalents
• Non-toxic  & Non-irritating
• Non-flammable
• Conditions hands and won’t dry the skin or sting abrasions
• Won’t remove nail varnish or damage floors
• Doesn’t offend religions that prohibit contact with alcohol (equal rights policy)
• Child friendly 
• Leaves no oily residue
• Dries almost instantly.
• Won’t be inhaled or consumed by alcoholics
• Meets EN 1276 EN1500 & EN1650 standards.

Safe & Kind Versus Alcohol Based Sanitiser.

SAFE & KIND germ-killing activity increases the more frequently the product is used during the day! SAFE & KIND compares favourably against alcohol based products, which dry the skin, strip natural oils away and cause cracks and fissures which result in bacteria "traps”. Hands sanitised frequently with alcohol based products can actually become more contaminated with multiple use.

Economic 500ml refill and 5 Litre containers to fill 1 Litre Dispensers also available.



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